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The story of the Millennium Media Group Of America, LLC came out of the death of Photo Inc and the beginning of digital media. In 2002 the film industry was going through a decline and at that time Millennium Media Group Of America, LLC was Photo Inc, our founder look at the market and the industry and made the decision to take the company it a totally different direction by going back to his background in media sales and placement. Also with a passion for creating visual art and communication as well as knowing that every business has a need to reach consumers be it business to business or business to customers. So Millennium Media Group Of America, LLC is a group of creatives with the mission of helping businesses grow through media and that could be "Radio, Television, Print, Digital, and Digital can be Digital Billboards or Online Marketing and Advertising. We can also help with Brand Creation and Brand Building. At Millennium Media Group Of America, LLC our success is the success of our clients and telling their stories.


Virgilio Baker

Founder & CEO

Virgilio started out as an art student at J.W. Scott High School in Toledo, OH. Joined the Navy at 17yrs old to become a Naval Photographer served on the USS.America CV66 for four years. After getting out of the Navy attended Old Dominion University for a short time. In 1986 returned home to Toledo. With a passion for visual arts and advertising got a job in radio of all things but learned the business of media at Midwestern Broadcasting. Learning from the best in the business and took his life and professional experience into Millennium Media Group Of America, LLC from photography to selling radio advertising to creating visual art and graphic design bringing it all together

to help businesses grow their business

myrt headshout.jpg
Myrtle Sparks
Chip Cope

Head of Marketing

Head of Video Production

Myrtle came to Millennium Media Group Of America, LLC  from running her own businesses. Myrtle is more of a leader than a follower and a problem solver. It was a chance meet at the Frederick Douglass Center where Virgilio was running a computer lab where a partnership was formed. Myrtle marketed and grew her own business and showed an interested in marketing and advertising with a talent to bring clients to the table and to successfully execute marketing and advertising campaigns. Myrtle also bring excellent customer service to Millennium Media Group Of America, LLC 's Clients    

Chip studied film at Bowling Green State University. He comes to the Millennium Media Group Of America ,LLC from BCAN, WUPW and WTOL News 11. Chip's knowledge of Television Production and Broadcasting adds to our creative abilities to create and deliver your marketing message to your target market

Amber Espinoza

Account Executive

Amber came to Millennium Media Group Of America, LLC from Expressions International and a background in entertainment promotions, hospitality sales and marketing as well as media buying and placement in the Columbus, Ohio Market for WOW Media. Amber has manage and coordinated advertising and promotional campaigns and she looks forward to helping any size business grow it's customer base.


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Millennium Media Group of America LLC

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